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NIDHI Computer Education, one of the leading IT, Computer Education Institutes in Nanded, is run under the great leadership of Mr. Mahendra Sawatkar.
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Advanced Tally

Tally is an accounting software that is very much useful in making calculations and to record day to day business data of a small and mid-level businesses

There are lots of job opportunities in Advanced Tally in local as well as Indian market. Comapnies using Tally for computerised accounting in their businesses.

Learning advanced Tally will be definately helpful for students/employee to enhance their knowledge and to perform the advanced task like Payroll, filling IT returns, Banking , cheque etc task.

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Advanced Tally - Course Content
Module 1
Company Data
  • Creating And Maintaining a Company
  • Loading a company
  • Maintain a Group Summary
Module 2
Company Features
  • F1:-Accounting Features
  • F2:-Inventory Features
  • F3:-Statutory Features
  • F4:-TSS Features
  • F5:-Audit Features
  • F6:- Add-On Features
Module 3
Company Features (F12) Configuration
  • Printing
  • General
  • Numeric
  • Accounts And Inventory Info
  • Voucher Entry
  • Invoice Or Order Entry
  • Banking Configuration
  • Data configuration
  • Advanced Configuration
  • Product & Features
Module 4
Accounting Information
  • Groups
  • Ledgers
  • Voucher Entry
Module 5
Inventory Information
  • Inventory Configuration & Features
  • Stocks Groups
  • Stock Category
  • Stock Items
  • Unit Of Measures
  • Godowns
  • Bill Of Materials
  • Batch Wise details And Expire Data entry
  • Creating a Locations/Godowns
  • Manufacturing Data
  • Creating a Stock Journal Voucher Class
  • Creating a Manufacturing Journal Voucher Class
Module 6
Voucher Entries (Accounting Vouchers)
  • Contra Vouchers
  • Receipt Vouchers
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Purchase Vouchers
  • Sales Vouchers
  • Others Vouchers
  • Inventory Vouchers
  • Optional & Non- Accounting Vouchers
  • Order Processing Vouchers
Module 7
Advanced Accounting & Inventory Features
  • Cost Category
  • Cost Center
  • Budget
  • Cheque printing
  • Scenario Managment
  • Job Costing
  • Point Of Sale(POS)
  • Item Cost Tracking
  • Reorder Level And Reorder Quantity
  • Multi Address
Module 8
  • Display Financial Statements
  • Display Inventory Reports & Management
  • MIS (Management Information System) Reports
  • Display registration & Ledgers
Module 9
  • Setting Up Banking Features
  • Creating bank Ledgers
  • Creating Party Ledgers
  • Creating Payment Voucher with Voucher Class
  • Cash Deposit Slip
  • Cheque Management
  • Bank Reconciliation BRS System
  • E- Payments
Module 10
Job Work
  • Enable Job work
  • Creating Masters
  • Job Work out Process
  • Job Work in Process
Module 11
GST(Goods And Service Tax)
  • Upgrading Tally ERP 9 Release 6.1 Or Upper Versions
  • Activating GST For Your Company
  • Setting Up GST Rates
  • Creating GST Classifications
  • Updating Stock Items And Stock Groups For GST
  • Updating Sales And Purchase Ledgers For GST
  • Updating Party GSTIN
  • Creating GST Ledgers
  • Creating Incomes & Expenses Ledgers
  • Providing GST Details
  • Recording Sales And purchase invoices
  • Recording Purchase
  • Recording a Tax payments
Module 12
Other Scenarios in GST)
  • Upgrading Tally ERP 9 Release 6.1 Or Upper Versions
  • Inward Supply For Unregistered Dealers Under Reverse Charges
  • Advance Receipt From Customers
  • Advance Payments From Customers
  • GST Purchase, Nill Rated, Exempt, SEZ And Work Contract
  • Sale nill Rated, Exempt,SEZ Demed Export
  • Sale Of Composite Supply Under GST
  • Sale Of Mixed Supply Under GST
  • Apply Discount For Selected Items in GST
  • Reverse Charges On Sale
  • Sale return
  • Purchase Return
  • Import of service
  • Export Of Service
  • Journal Vouchers For TDS Adjustments
  • Journal Vouchers For Refund Of Tax Credit
Module 13
GST Returns:
  • GSTR-1 (For Sale)
  • GSTR-2 (For Purchase)
  • GSTR-3B (For Payment)
Module 14
Payroll in Tally ERP 9
  • Payroll Features in Tally ERP 9
  • Enable payroll in Tally
  • Creating Payroll Masters
  • Creating Payroll Units
  • Creating Attendance/Production Types
  • Creating Pay Heads
  • Creating Employee Deductions On pay Heads
  • Creating Employee Statutory Deduction Pay Heads
  • Define Salary Structures
  • Creating payable Salary
  • Payroll Payment Transactions
  • Payroll Reports

What Students Are Saying

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Anita Sontakke


"I am not from accounting background but after joining NCE , i learned basic to advance accounting concepts with Tally.

I highly recommend this Institute for anyone who wants to learn Tally."

Vaishnav Deshmukh


"I joined NCE for my academic preparations. I learned all core concepts of Java Programming.

NCE will surely help you to be an expert in programming. "



"Mahendra Sir is a great teacher... In just one month, I learned all basic programming concepts.This institute is great for anyone who wants to be in Software Development, I highly recommend it."

Sachin Kondle


Thank you mahendra sir for teaching me DTP in very easy way.

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NIDHI Computer Education, one of the leading IT, Computer Education Institutes in Nanded, is run under the great leadership of Mr. Mahendra Sawatkar.

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