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NIDHI Computer Education, one of the leading IT, Computer Education Institutes in Nanded, is run under the great leadership of Mr. Mahendra Sawatkar.

C Programming

C is the mother of all languages and few reasons to consider learning C Programming is that it makes your fundamentals very strong.

Every language is important. Although C has a special mention because of its historical importance. It is the one of the first programming language which facilitate structured programming. Which makes it one of the most widely used programming language.

We are Train you in C language from basic level. You will learn all concept of programming in very easy way.

Compulsary subject for BCA/BCS/Computer/Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical Engineers

C Programming - Course Content
Module 1
1: Introduction to Principles of programming
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Programming Languages Types
  • Problem solving using Algorithms
  • Flowcharts
Module 2
2: Introduction to C Programming
  • Features of C and its Basic Structure
  • Simple C programs
  • Constants
  • Variables
Module 3
3: Operators and Expressions
  • Arithmetic,Unary,Relational ,Logical,Conditional Operators
  • Library Functions
  • Incr/Decr Operators
  • Precedence of operators
Module 4
4: Data Types and Input/Output Operators
  • Floating-point Numbers
  • Integers to Floating
  • Mixed-mode Expressions
  • The type cast
  • Formatted input and output
  • gets() and puts() functions
  • Interactive Programming
Module 5
5 : Control Statements and Decision Making
  • The goto statement
  • The if-else statement,
  • Nesting of if statements
  • The conditional expression
  • The switch statement
  • The while loop
  • The do°Kwhile loop
  • The for loop
  • The nesting of for loops
  • The break statement and continue statement
Module 6
6 : Arrays and Strings
  • One Dimensional Arrays
  • Passing Arrays to Functions
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Strings
Module 7
7: Pointers
  • Basics of Pointers
  • Pointer Arithmetic
  • Null pointers
  • Pointers and Strings
  • Pointers and two-dimensional arrays
  • Arrays of Pointers
Module 8
8: Structures and Unions
  • Basics of Structures
  • Arrays of Structures
  • Pointers to Structures
  • Self-referential Structures
  • Unions
Module 9
9: Functions
  • Function Philosophy
  • Function Basics
  • Function Prototypes
  • Passing Parameter by value
  • Passing Parameter by reference
  • Passing string to function
  • Passing array to function
  • Recursion
Module 10
10: Storage Classes
  • Storage Classes and Visibility
  • Automatic or local variables
  • Global variables
  • Static variables
  • External variables
Module 11
11: The Preprocessor
  • File Inclusion
  • Macro Definition and Substitution
  • Macros with Arguments
  • Nesting of Macros
  • Conditional Compilation
Module 12
12: File Management
  • Defining and Opening a file
  • Closing Files
  • Input/output Operations on Files
  • Predefined Streams
  • Error Handling during I/O Operations
  • Command Line Arguments

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Anita Sontakke


"I am not from accounting background but after joining NCE , i learned basic to advance accounting concepts with Tally.

I highly recommend this Institute for anyone who wants to learn Tally."

Vaishnav Deshmukh


"I joined NCE for my academic preparations. I learned all core concepts of Java Programming.

NCE will surely help you to be an expert in programming. "



"Mahendra Sir is a great teacher... In just one month, I learned all basic programming concepts.This institute is great for anyone who wants to be in Software Development, I highly recommend it."

Sachin Kondle


Thank you mahendra sir for teaching me DTP in very easy way.

Get a full course Details

NIDHI Computer Education, one of the leading IT, Computer Education Institutes in Nanded, is run under the great leadership of Mr. Mahendra Sawatkar.

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