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MERN Fullstack Web Development

You might be thinking that what is this Fullstack Web Development, you know word Web designing, Web Development but confused about Fullstack Web Development?.Don't worry you will understand it in a while.

First know what is Web Designer do, Web Designer works on Front end part of any web site i.e. when you open any web page and you see graphics, text, designing, layout, buttons of elements are designed by Web Designer

React js

is a most preferred front end technology by most of the Web Developers. React js is getting BIG in the industry.

Now let see whats Web Developer do, Web Developer works on Back end part of Web Site. Any interaction with button, web site elements, Database handling, coding/programming section are handled by Web Developers.
With the help of programming knowledge Web Developer can develop Rich Interactive Web Applications.

Ok, now you know what is web designing and web development, they have their own responsbility. Still question remains unsolved who is Fullstack Web Developer?. Answer is very simple, the Person who knows or expert in both Front end and Back end is nothing but Fullstack Web Developer.

As per the survey, demand of Fullstack web developer is increasing rapidly with time.
Companies are focusing on to hire persons with both skills(Front and Back end)

Languages And Tools you will learn

Start exploring web development from the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript.Master latest technologies like React, Node, Express, MongoDB. and Get hands on Github,AWS etc.

How will your journey for MERN fullstack will start?

Our well designed a unique MERN fullstack program where you can learn Full stack and experience being a developer.

Web Development Basics - HTML, CSS, BootStrap
Learn how the websites work. Begin your web development journey with the HTML basics and learn how to create good websites using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Explore the world of Javascript, Most Important languages for web development. Learn the basics of JS, promises, closures, and complete Javascript.

Many websites are developed using React, so why should you stay behind. Explore all the components of React, understand how React is good enough, and learn and develop amazing web apps using react.

Using node js you can build servers. Its time to build your own web server. Learn about express, authentication, security, restricting routes, hashing passwords, and JWT, and much more.

Databases - MongoDB
It is a NOSQL Database. We will learn how companies manage all their Data and how on a click of a button all the data is load in website. Not only learn, master the concepts of Databases. Be a professional in handing data using MongoDB.

Code Review & Deployment
Developers not only just write code, they develop production level code. Learn how to write production-level code and deploy your projects on gitHub,aws,Heroku etc.

You will build 6+ projects during the course. Start from building basic apps to advanced application and build a real-world website that you can add in your resume or start your own business. Industry standard projects are carefully selected by software developers for you.


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HTML Blog Page

Start your Web Development Journy by developing a simple blog page using HTML.

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Reminder Clock App

Develop an app for reminders? Build a Digital Reminder Clock App using HTML, CSS and JS

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ToDo App

This basic project used to understanding of HTML and CSS clear but you can use it to keep your own ToDos also.

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React Blog App

Develop your own Medium website. In This project you will understand how React, Node JS and MongoDB work together to create magic.

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E-commerce Web App

This is the major projects of the Course. It will be a full working website. Add some products and you will be ready to sell it online and accepts payments.

MERN FullStack Web Development - Course Content
Module 1
Module 2
Module 4
Module 5
React Js
Module 6
React Redux
Module 7
Node js
Module 8
Node js
Module 9
Express js
Module 10
Module 11
Git Hub
Industry Growth
30% Annual Growth

for Full-Stack Developer jobs by 2022.

More than 1 million new jobs

Full-Stack Developer profile will be created by 2020 (Source: NASSCOM)

Annual Salary
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